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OptiClear HD


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Our Fall catalog is HERE and we're here to help! All of our products pass USI's rigorous quality control standards so that you can be confident that what you buy from USI will meet your needs.

Quality products and best-in-class customer support are the hallmarks of what makes USI "Simply the BEST!"

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Simply the best

Opti Clear™ Premium Roll Laminating Film is our best-selling, premium quality lamination film known for its superior clarity, crystal-clear high gloss finish, exceptional quality, aggressive bonding characteristics and USI Color Coded™ .

Precision top quality construction prevents wrinkles and always provides a perfect edge seal. Forget the foggy look of cheap mono-polymer lamination films. Opti Clear utilizes a premium polymer adhesive that won't cloud, fog, crack peel or fade.

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OptiClear HD

The BEST just got BETTER!

The BEST LAMINATORS are now backed by the industry's BEST WARRANTY. If something goes wrong with your machine, the new USI Warranty has you covered!

The Plan provides unlimited email, phone and web-based support from USI Support as well as replacement parts, equipment, and return shipping due to normal wear and tear and accidental damage during the Coverage Period.

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OptiClear HD



A more RIGID 3 mil, Low-Melt, High Quality Film

Opti Clear HD (for heavy duty ) is the newest addition to the market-leading line of Opti Clear roll laminating films. Available now in widths of 25 inches and 27 inches, and in a 3 mil thickness, USI s Opti Clear HD films are produced with a thicker base polyester film to address the needs of customers seeking finished laminates that have a more rigid appearance and feel.
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Gator Board

Gator Board

EXTREMELY tough Foam Board!

Gator Board is EXTREMELY tough Foam Board. It's Lightweight, Super Durable and great for OUTDOOR use!
Gator Board is available in both Black and White and sizes from 18inches by 24inches all the way to 36x48inches! You can find it in uncoated, self-adhesive, Heat Activated and Pouch Boards are also available.
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USI Business Sales

Office Solutions For:

| Medical, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Doctor, Specialty |
| Clubs, Organizations, Sports, Resorts, Hotel/Motel |
| Banks, Financial, Real Estate, Insurance, Facilities, Safety |
| Restaurants, Food Service, Coffee, Pubs, Bar/Grills |
| Churches, Businesses |


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CSL 2700 Kit Special! - Teacher's Choice

Includes 27" CSL Roll Laminator, 4 rolls of Opti Clear 27" x 250' 3mil film, Lockable Laminator Cabinet, Laminator Cover, 3 pack of Qwik-E cutters and Cleaning kit and handbook!

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USI Print & Graphics

Office Solutions For:

  • Printers
  • Small Distributor
  • Graphics / In Plant Wide Format
  • Copy Shops & Duplicating Services
  • Professionals, Architects & Blding Design
  • Graphic / Computer Design, Advt Mkt, Art Studios, Trade Shows, Reprographics
  • Shipping / Mailing Services
  • Photographers, Photo Finishing, Frame & Poster shops
  • Lamination Services
  • Wholesalers, Office / Equip Supply & Stationers
  • Photo / ID Passport Services
  • Other Dealers
  • Sir Speedy


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As USI commemorates our 40th year, we celebrate and thank you - our valued customers.

With our quality products, knowledgeable staff and customer satisfaction guarantee - USI remains one of the oldest and most trusted experts in the lamination industry.

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