Opti Clear Low Melt

Simply the Best...and only from USI!

Our best-selling USI Opti Clear brand of premium low-melt roll laminating films is nationally known for its crystal-clear finish and aggressive bonding characteristics. Precision, top-quality construction prevents wrinkles and provides a perfect edge seal, resulting in durable laminates with a professional finish. Made with a special ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesive, Opti Clear bonds at 230º - 250ºF and won't cloud, fog, crack peel or fade. Opti Clear is considered by thousands of satisfied customers to be the #1 choice for thermal roll laminating film.

USI Opti Clear roll laminating films are available in many widths, thickness and finishes. Pressure-sensitive (i.e. decal) and UV-blocking films also are available. Opti Clear films on 1" and 2.25" cores are supplied with the USI Color Coded rolls to make threading the film onto your laminator easier and error-free.

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Opti Clear Low Melt

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