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Customer Registration Step 1: Select your Company Type

USI, Inc. and its affiliates are dedicated to personalizing our services to better meet Your needs - the needs of our customers.  To help us better target our products for you, please indicate below what type of business category best describes your company.

Note:  Please be advised that depending upon your business category selection, you may be redirected to one of our licensed affiliates to complete your registration and/or purchase.  We have licensed with these partners in order to capitalize on their market knowledge and expertise.  Be assured that the products and services offered are identical to those from USI and meet the same stringent quality guidelines you have come to expect from USI.

Please select the category that best describes your business:

Print and Graphics



  • Printers
  • Small Distributor
  • Graphics / In Plant Wide Format
  • Copy Shops & Duplicating Services
  • Professionals, Architects & Blding Design
  • Graphic / Computer Design, Advt Mkt, Art Studios, Trade Shows, Reprographics
  • Shipping / Mailing Services
  • Photographers, Photo Finishing, Frame & Poster shops
  • Lamination Services
  • Wholesalers, Office / Equip Supply & Stationers
  • Photo / ID Passport Services
  • Other Dealers
  • Sir Speedy


  • Distributors
  • Sysco
  • Clear Tek
  • Childcare, Daycare, Pre-K, Early Child, Head Start, Nursery School
  • Libraries
  • Church Schools
  • Kindergarten / Elementary
  • Middle, Jr. High, Intermediate
  • Jr / Sr H.S. combined, & Sr. H.S.
  • Colleges and Universities
  • K-12 Schools
  • School Districts
  • Vocational, Technical, Secretarial, Trade Schools, Adult Education
  • School Misc. PTO, PTA, Youth Development
  • Bids & Contracts
  • GSAC Accounts
  • Towns, Government Agency, Gov't Authority (i.e. City of, County of, Town of...), Chamber of…, FBI
  • Government Medical, Corrections
  • Fire, Police, Rescue, EMS
  • All Military, Coast Guard, Peace / Jobs Corps
  • Businesses, Corporations, Manufactures, Agencies, Home Offices
  • Consultants, Plant / Facility Management, Safety, OSHA, EPA, DOE Safety
  • Clubs, Organizations, Sporting Resorts, Hotel / Motel, Casinos, Park & Recreation Centers, Fairs & Events
  • Medical Facilities, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Nurses & Doctors
  • All Religious Centers, Churches, Church Groups, CYO, Funeral Homes
  • Restaurants, Eateries, Coffee Shops & Pubs, All Food Service
  • Banks, Financial Institutions, CPA’s, Credit Unions
  • Real Estate, Insurance, Law Offices & Professionals, Appraisals
  • Manufacturing