Official USI Product Manuals

Download the official product manuals for your USI roll or pouch laminating machine. Product manuals include operating instructions, product specifications, wiring diagrams, setup help, warranty information, and important safeguards and safety tips.

NOTE: Manuals are in PDF file format. If you don "t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please Click Here to download.

We've also created instructional videos to help you better understand and use your roll and pouch laminators, mounting laminators, and other USI products.

Pouch Laminator Manuals

Description of Pouch Laminators

USI PL Series Pouch Laminators
USI PL400 4" Pouch Laminating Machine Product Manual
Also covers the PL900 9" Personal Pouch Laminator.


USI CT Series Pouch Laminators
USI CT400 4" Pouch Laminating Machine Product Manual
Also covers the CT 1200 12" Pouch Laminator


USI HD Series Pouch Laminators
HD400 4" Pouch Laminator Product Manual
Also covers the HD1200 12" Pouch Laminator


Mounting Pouch Laminating Machine Manuals

Description of Mounting Pouch Laminators

Bigmouth 1200 Pouch Laminator
Short Description

BigMouth 12" Mounting Pouch Laminator Product Manual      

xl-27 Mounting Pouch Laminator
XL-27 27" Mounting Pouch Laminator Product Manual  

xl-44 Mounting Pouch Laminator
XL-44 44" Mounting Pouch Laminator Product Manual    

Heat Shoe Roll Laminating Machine Manuals


ARL2700 27" Roll Laminator Product Manual
Also covers ARL1800 18" Roll Laminator
Machine Serial Numbers: 0802-0001 and Higher
Machine Serial Numbers: 0602-0001 through 0905-0950

ARL Classic Roll Laminator Manual
Also covers the ARL Digital Series Roll Laminator

CSL Series Roll Laminators

CSL III Series Roll Laminator Product Manual

Ledco Educator 25" Roll Laminator Product Manual

Banner Easy-Lam 27" Roll Laminator Product Manual

MiniKote G2 27" Roll Laminator Product Manual

CRL 40" Roll Laminator Product Manual

MRL 42" Roll Laminator/Mounter Product Manual

Samson12 12" Heated Roll Laminator Product Manual    
Also covers the Samson27 27" Heater Roll Laminator Product Manual

Entry 4500 45" Heated Roll Laminator/Mounter Product Manual

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