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Wraps for Everyday Apps.

WrapSure Films are designed for everyday applications, they bond well to copy, inkjet and other porous papers with light to medium ink coverage. WrapSure is a good universal film that can be used for any laminating project.

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USI Business Sales

Office Solutions For:

| Medical, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Doctor, Specialty |
| Clubs, Organizations, Sports, Resorts, Hotel/Motel |
| Banks, Financial, Real Estate, Insurance, Facilities, Safety |
| Restaurants, Food Service, Coffee, Pubs, Bar/Grills |
| Churches, Businesses |


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CSL 2700 Kit Special! - Teacher's Choice

Includes 27" CSL Roll Laminator, 4 rolls of Opti Clear 27" x 250' 3mil film, Lockable Laminator Cabinet, Laminator Cover, 3 pack of Qwik-E cutters and Cleaning kit and handbook!

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USI Government Sales

Office Solutions For:

| Government Agencies, Towns, Cities and States |
| Medical, Corrections, Fire, Police, Rescue, EMS, Fraternal/Benevolent |
| Military, Coast Guard, Peace/ Job Corps, GSA and Bods |



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USI Print & Graphics

Office Solutions For:

  • Printers
  • Small Distributor
  • Graphics / In Plant Wide Format
  • Copy Shops & Duplicating Services
  • Professionals, Architects & Blding Design
  • Graphic / Computer Design, Advt Mkt, Art Studios, Trade Shows, Reprographics
  • Shipping / Mailing Services
  • Photographers, Photo Finishing, Frame & Poster shops
  • Lamination Services
  • Wholesalers, Office / Equip Supply & Stationers
  • Photo / ID Passport Services
  • Other Dealers
  • Sir Speedy



on custom printed banners, flying displays, retractor displays and posters

Take advantage of our free design services and make a great first impression with a custom printed table throw.

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Why Choose USI?

40 Years of Quality And Expertise

USI Corporate offices

As USI commemorates our 40th year, we celebrate and thank you - our valued customers.

With our quality products, knowledgeable staff and customer satisfaction guarantee - USI remains one of the oldest and most trusted experts in the lamination industry.

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