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MakerBot Jadeite PLA Filament (Small Spool)

MakerBot Jadeite PLA Filament (Small Spool) is the best, most consistent filament optimized for Fifth Generation MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers and the MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer. Like all MakerBot Filaments, it s made in the USA and tested in-house to help produce higher-quality prints, reduce filament problems, and minimize downtime.

Stream your creativity and bring your ideas to life with a wide variety of colors and special properties in a printer filament with a consistently round diameter to ensure consistent flow through the extruder nozzle and smooth, even layers. When used with MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers, MakerBot PLA Filament produces top-notch prints, as well as reducing filament problems and minimizes downtime.


MakerBot Jadeite PLA Filament (Small Spool) is compatible with the MakerBot Replicator 2 and Earlier Models, MakerBot Replicator Mini, MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation and MakerBot Replicator Z18.

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