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Extended Protection Plans from USI

Manufacturer warranties typically cover defects in parts and workmanship typically for a specified time period. USI's Extended Warranty Plan offers customers of its CSL 2700 (#7759), ARL 2700 (#7764) and ARL 2700 with Fans (#7765) roll laminators additional protection that both enhances and extends the manufacturer's warranty. With USI Extended Protection Plan, your product will be repaired or serviced to like-new working condition. The Plan provides unlimited email, phone and web-based support, as well as replacement parts, equipment, and return shipping due to normal wear and tear and accidental damage during the Coverage Period, subject to the some limitations. You can view the Terms and Conditions of the Extended Warranty Plan online here.

USI's Extended Warranties are offered for 1 and 3:

Duration Price
1 year (# XW127) $150
3 years (# XW327 ) $250