Pressure Sensitive Films (Cold)

Cold roll and tape laminating are alternatives to thermal laminating that require no heat to activate the adhesive. No warm-up time necessary. Similar to using standard adhesive tape to cover your document, cold lamination is ideal when the precision quality of a thermal heat laminator is not necessary, or when the material you are using is not suited for the heat of thermal lamination.

Cold roll laminators are also ideal for outdoor applications and are suitable for laminating vinyl banners. Many cold roll laminators also feature mounting capabilities when using cold overlaminates and mounting adhesives to laminate to a variety of substrates. Tape lamination is designed to encapsulate and protect your document or create stickers, magnets and labels by simply inserting the quick change, easy-load tape rolls or cartridges.

USI offers a full range of supplies for your cold roll laminator:

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Pressure Sensitive Films (Cold)

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