MakerBot 3D Printers

USI is an Authorized MakerBot Reseller!

Announcing MakerBot's All New Products and Solutions for Educators and Professionals!

MakerBot is the industry leader in desktop 3D printing. MakerBot's products are used by thousands of companies (like NASA and GE), schools and universities (from MIT down to local elementary schools), and entrepreneurs around the globe.

We're excited to unveil a new MakerBot. By focusing on your wider needs, we've developed solutions that make the entire process of teaching with a desktop 3D printer faster, easier, and better.

As one the country’s newest MakerBot Authorized Resellers, we’re proud to offer the market’s best-selling line of desktop 3D Printers and filaments. 3D printing is one of those products whose interest defies age groups and organizations. Today, schools are using 3D printing as part of their STEM programs, businesses are using it for rapid prototyping, and an everyday consumer is using it because it’s EASY and FUN! Contact us if you want to discuss whether 3D printing has a place in your school, business, or home. USI resident 3D printing experts are happy to speak with you.  If you’re in the CT area, be sure to talk with USI about scheduling a visit to our 3D Printing Demonstration and Training Center. L x W x H = 3D!!

Want to learn more about 3D printing?
USI has a simple video to show you the basics of 3D printing.  You'll discover that it's an excellent addition to any STEM learning plan and the ideal tool for rapid prototyping.  Learn more in this video.

USI Makerbot 3D Printers and Supplies    
Brooklyn Technical High School, the largest specialized high school for STEM in the United States, pushes its education programs forward with MakerBot 3D Printers.  Learn more in this video.

USI Makerbot 3D Printers and Supplies: GE FirstBuild Prototypes with MakerBot
Once GE FirstBuild added MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers to their toolkit, they were able to prototype and test the next generation of smart home appliances in real-time.
Learn more in this video.

MakerBot 3D Printers

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