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USI ProMount™ Ultra Self-Stick Board 1/4" Thick

The gold standard by which the professionals measure quality. USI's ProMount™ Ultra is simply the best - bar none. Individually hand crafted, each board is thoroughly inspected and signed by our skilled craftsmen to guarantee you are getting the ultimate in quality self-adhesive mounting board. Just pull back the release liner to reveal the self stick adhesive, carefully align and place your document then press down - securing your document to the board. Its that simple. Quality and simplicity - that is what ProMount™ Ultra is all about. Plus, this 1/4" thick ultra-rigid foam board is made of high-density expanded polystyrene and double-thick clay-coated paper that is water resistant. Does not warp or bow when working with prints and wide-format graphics. White. Other sizes also available.Contains Box of 10 boards

- Optional

USI ProMount™ Ultra Self-Stick Board 1/4" Thick

Manufacturer: USI
Brand: USI
Model: ProMount™ Ultra
Thickness (inches): 1/4
Package Size: Box of 10 boards
Made in USA: Y

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