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Gator Self Adhesive Pouch Board with Gloss Film

Self Adhesive Pouch Boards are self stick boards with attached gloss or matte laminate film. Use Self Adhesive Pouch Boards for mounting and laminating prints in one process. With the laminate pre-attached smoothly at the leading edge of the board, no set-up is required. You will achieve fast, consistent and professional laminating results. Great for on-demand and small runs of less than 10 prints. Can be used in any roll laminator or applied by hand. For sizes larger than 12"x18" we recommend using a laminator. Features include:

  • 3/16" thick white gator board

  • Permanent adhesive both on the board and laminate sheet to allow flush trimming

  • 1/4" leading edge where film is attached to the self-stick board

  • One piece construction let's you know your costs

  • Easy to use in any Laminator

  • 10 pouch boards per boxVJ42XLKB
- Optional

Gator Self Adhesive Pouch Board with Gloss Film

Color: White
Mil: 3
Thickness (inches): 3/16
Finish: Gloss
Package Size: 10

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