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USI Opti Clear® Gloss 15 mil Roll Laminating Film

Pliable, ideal for encapsulating documents from paper to thin cardstock. This best-selling gloss film features aggressive bonding characteristics and is known for its crystal-clear finish. Adheres to porous, semi-gloss and gloss paper media with light to heavy ink coverage without peeling, yellowing or delaminating.

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USI Opti Clear® Gloss 15 mil Roll Laminating Film

Our best-selling premium grade lamination is known for its strong adhesion and clarity. This thermal roll film is perfect for porous, semi-gloss, and gloss paper - even card stock! - with light to heavy ink coverage. Its low-melt adhesive activates at 230-250 degrees F, resulting in a stronger bond without risk of heat degradation of your more delicate projects. Provides a crystal-clear high-gloss finish that enhances colors without clouding or yellowing. The 15 mil thickness ensures your finished product will not bend or bow. This film features the USI Color Coded system to ensure your rolls are properly loaded on your laminator.

Manufacturer: USI
Brand: Opti Clear®
Mil: 15
Finish: Gloss

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