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USI ProMount™ Plus 2700 27" Heated Roll Mounting Laminator

The USI ProMount™ Plus 2700 heated roll mounting laminator offers high-end lamination features with the added advantage of mounting. Adjustable temperature and speed controls provide precise, professional results from this easy-to-use machine. Its specially designed roller separation feature, prevents roller flat spots therefore offering you the added capability to mount materials up to 3/16 inch thick. The ability to use lamination film up to 10-mil thick offers you a variety of laminating and mounting opportunities. Additional features include 1" mandrels, film cut-off knife, and electric reverse. 1 Year Warranty. The USI ProMount™ Plus is available as a stand alone unit along with a kit.

- Optional

USI ProMount™ Plus 2700 27" Heated Roll Mounting Laminator

USI ProMount™ 2700 Complete Laminating & Mounting Kit

This Complete kit contains everything you need to get started laminating, mounting, and trimming your projects. The kit includes:

  • USI ProMount™ 2700 laminator
  • Laminator stand
  • 10 gloss white pouch boards
  • 10 heat-activated white foam boards
  • 10 self-adhesive white foam boards
  • 2 rolls Opti Clear 5-mil gloss
  • 40" Big Blue Ruler
  • 30x42 Self Healing Cutting Mat
  • Soft Grip Hobby Knife
  • Foamwerks Straight Foam Cutter
  • Foamwerks Channel Rail
  • 3 pack Qwik-E Cutters
  • Laminator Cleaning Kit
  • Roll Cleaner


Manufacturer: USI
Brand: USI
Model: ProMount™ Plus 2700
Color: Green
Temp Type: Single, Adjustable, Digital
Number of Rollers: 4
Type of Rollers: Silicone
Heating Element: Roller
Warm-Up Time: 15
Inches per Minute: 108
Mil: 10
Width: 27
Speed: Adjustable
Warranty: 1 Year
Amperage: 20
Watts: 1600
Volts/Cycle: 115v/60Hz
Cord Length: 80
Thickness (inches): 3/16
Reverse: Y
Core Size: 1"
Type: MD/HD

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