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Smooth Mount Pouch Board Laminator

Smooth Mount laminator is a heated mounting pouch board laminator. Robustly designed, the Smooth Mount uses metal construction with high quality 2.5 inch diameter silicone rollers for professional results. Variable speeds and temperatures let the Smooth Mount Laminator mount prints at up to 5 feet per minute using ProMountCor boards. The Smooth Mount Laminator gives you ease of use with faster production speeds. The Smooth Mount Laminators rolls are spring loaded and automatically adjust to all boards up to a 1/4" thick. Just insert your board and the Smooth Mount Laminator does the rest. The Smooth Laminator also comes with rear extension legs to support the finished prints. Available in 27" and 40" models.

- Optional

Smooth Mount Pouch Board Laminator

Brand: Smooth Mount
Color: Black
Temp Type: Incoloy
Heating Element: Top Heated Roller
Warm-Up Time: 12 minutes
Inches per Minute: 10 ft/minute
Width: 27
Warranty: 1 year
Thickness (inches): 1/4 inch
Reverse: Yes
Cold Mode/Film: Yes
Shut Off Timer: Yes
Key Lock/Locking: Optional

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