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Linea DH1100 Heated Roll Mounting Laminator

The Linea DH-1100 44" thermal encapsulating laminator was deisgned to work the way you do- non stop. The Linea can easily cope with prolonged, continuous runs and can handle everything from small cards to long banners, posters, notices as well as maps, signage, photos and mounting on board up to 3/16". Ease of installation, compact design, advanced features and simple controls make the Linea the choice for volume users.

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Linea DH1100 Heated Roll Mounting Laminator

Manufacturer: Vivid
Brand: Linea
Model: DH1100
Color: Black
Temp Type: Heated Rollers
Heating Element: Rollers
Warm-Up Time: 15 min
Inches per Minute: 63
Width: 43
Warranty: 1
Weight: 441
Ship Weight: 441
Dimensions: 54x17x12
Watts: 2700
Volts/Cycle: 220/240v
Thickness (inches): 3/16"
Cold Mode/Film: Y
Core Size: 2.25-3
Stand Incd: Y

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