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Custom Printed Event Tents

Our new line of custom printed event tents are versatile, economical and very easy to setup. You can order a multitude of sizes and colors to match your branding as well as different options like walls. These are perfect for fairs, festivals, tailgating, large events and frequent exhibiters. Each kit comes with a warranty. Whats even better is simply you supply the art, we print it and ship it to you. Custom Event Tents help by:
  • Instantly attract attention at any event
  • Provides shade for any outdoor rally or city event
  • Easy set-up and take-down
  • Several frames to choose from with a variety of imprint methods
  • Includes a soft carry case with wheels for transport and storage
Our custom tents come in 3 versions. At any time please call 1-800-243-4565 and a sales representative can guide you through your event.

Standard Event Tent

  • Economical and Easy to setup
  • Scratch Resitent coated steel frame
  • 1.125" thick legs with molded feet
  • Great for use at fairs and festivals
  • 1 year warranty

Deluxe Event Tent

  • Commercial grade steel frame
  • Steel design with pebble
  • 1.25" thick legs with molded feet
  • Perfect for tailgating and large events
  • 2 year warranty

Premium Event Tent

  • Easy 2 person setup
  • Rust free aluminum frame
  • 2" thick hexagon legs with molded feet
  • Ideal for frequent exhibitors
  • 3 year warranty

Custom Event Tent Pricing Guide

Print Location Info Standard Tent Deluxe Tent Premium Tent
10' x 10' Blank Tent $435.00 $540.00 $645.00
1 Location Thermal Imprint $505.00 $610.00 $715.00
2 Location Thermal Imprint $575.00 $680.00 $785.00
3 Location Thermal Imprint $645.00 $750.00 $855.00
4 Location Thermal Imprint $715.00 $820.00 $925.00
5 Location Thermal Imprint $785.00 $890.00 $995.00
6 Location Thermal Imprint $855.00 $960.00 $1065.00
7 Location Thermal Imprint $925.00 $1030.00 $1135.00
8 Location Thermal Imprint $995.00 $1100.00 $1205.00
Full Bleed Dye Sublimation Thermal Imprint $1115.00 $1220.00 $1325.00
Need more than 1 tent for your event? We offer quantity discounts!
Our event tents are available in a multitude of colors including White, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Royal Blue and Navy Blue.
Location White Black Red Royal Yellow Green Orange Navy
Blank TS001 TS002 TS003 TS004 TS005 TS006 TS007 TS008
1 Location Thermal TS101 TS102 TS103 TS104 TS105 TS106 TS107 TS108
2 Location Thermal TS201 TS202 TS203 TS204 TS205 TS206 TS207 TS208
3 Location Thermal TS301 TS302 TS303 TS304 TS305 TS306 TS307 TS308
4 Location Thermal TS401 TS402 TS403 TS404 TS405 TS406 TS407 TS408
5 Location Thermal TS501 TS502 TS503 TS504 TS505 TS506 TS507 TS508
6 Location Thermal TS601 TS602 TS603 TS604 TS605 TS606 TS607 TS608
7 Location Thermal TS701 TS702 TS703 TS704 TS705 TS706 TS707 TS708
8 Location Thermal TS801 TS802 TS803 TS804 TS805 TS806 TS807 TS808
Full Bleed Dye Sub TS901

10' x 10' DELUXE TENTS
Location White Black Red Royal Yellow Green Orange Navy
Blank TD001 TD002 TD003 TD004 TD005 TD006 TD007 TD008
1 Location Thermal TD101 TD102 TD103 TD104 TD105 TD106 TD107 TD108
2 Location Thermal TD201 TD202 TD203 TD204 TD205 TD206 TD207 TD208
3 Location Thermal TD301 TD302 TD303 TD304 TD305 TD306 TD307 TD308
4 Location Thermal TD401 TD402 TD403 TD404 TD405 TD406 TD407 TD408
5 Location Thermal TD501 TD502 TD503 TD504 TD505 TD506 TD507 TD508
6 Location Thermal TD601 TD602 TD603 TD604 TD605 TD606 TD607 TD608
7 Location Thermal TD701 TD702 TD703 TD704 TD705 TD706 TD707 TD708
8 Location Thermal TD801 TD802 TD803 TD804 TD805 TD806 TD807 TD808
Full Bleed Dye Sub TD901


Location White Black Red Royal Yellow Green Orange Navy
Blank TP001 TP002 TP003 TP004 TP005 TP006 TP007 TP008
1 Location Thermal TP101 TP102 TP103 TP104 TP105 TP106 TP107 TP108
2 Location Thermal TP201 TP202 TP203 TP204 TP205 TP206 TP207 TP208
3 Location Thermal TP301 TP302 TP303 TP304 TP305 TP306 TP307 TP308
4 Location Thermal TP401 TP402 TP403 TP404 TP405 TP406 TP407 TP407
5 Location Thermal TP501 TP502 TP503 TP504 TP505 TP506 TP507 TP508
6 Location Thermal TP601 TP602 TP603 TP604 TP605 TP606 TP607 TP608
7 Location Thermal TP701 TP702 TP703 TP704 TP705 TP706 TP707 TP708
8 Location Thermal TP801 TP802 TP803 TP804 TP805 TP806 TP807 TP808
Full Bleed Dye Sub TP901